A Sacramento man waits for The Rapture in Oakland — hope he didn't quit his day job

Rapture, not so much

| As Gertrude Stein said, "There's no there there." She was not, of course, speaking of The Rapture, but of not being able to find her childhood home in Oakland. And Saturday night, 6pm PDT to be precise, proved there's no Rapture there either. The headquarters of Family Radio Worldwide in Oakland remained closed and presumably disappointed followers of Harold Camping were left camping in the parking lot.

Harold Camping, leader of Family Radio Worldwide, who calculated The Rapture would occur at 6pm in each time zone on May 21, 2011

Mr Camping has not been heard from since Saturday evening. My guess is he is laughing all the way to the bank. According to IRS financial disclosures in 2009, Camping's "ministry" had an annual budget that year of $36.7 million, and was sitting on $34 million in investments, $56 million in assets and $29 million in mortgages (NY Times, 20-May-11).

C'mon, people, you knew it wasn't gonna happen! Why do you continue to believe these charlatans?

Tony Auth (May 22, 2011)

I will confess, however, that I waited until after 7pm to do the dinner dishes, just in case God was a bit confused by Daylight Savings Time. (Simple laziness, folks, not credulity.)

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