I see it as a win-win-win

| There are people absolutely convinced that The Rapture will occur tomorrow, May 21st. Supposedly those who died believing in Christ shall rise from the dead and the living who are similarly right-thinking will all be gathered up and taken to Heaven to be reunited with Jesus. Those left behind are to suffer grievously from earthquake, fire, pestilence, and other unpleasantness.

Now, for a heathen like me, this would seem to be a prima facie case for fretting. I see it quite differently.

For the sake of discussion, let's assume these Rapturists are right: there is a God, he is going to render Judgment, and those who measure up will be taken away. Let's further assume, again just for the sake of discussion, that the Rapturists are also right in their belief that they are among the chosen.

I say terrific! The world will be a much better place with those fire-breathing, self-righteous, moral-absolutist know-it-alls out of the way. We might all get along and possibly even raise the debt ceiling. To me, that's definitely a win.

Continuing our discussion, let's assume again that the Rapturists are right: there is a God, he is going to render Judgment, and those who measure up will be taken away. This time, however, let's posit that the Rapturists are wrong about being the chosen. A fair reading of The Bible could lead to the conclusion that those on God's A-list will be those who have chosen instead to follow The Son's example of tolerance, forgiveness, and charity. In that case, I think that many of us who have led decent lives have a much better chance of being taken away than the apostles of hatred. They could, in fact, be the ones left behind to suffer. So a bunch of us who didn't expect to end up in Heaven? I say that could be a pleasant surprise, and the whole debt-ceiling thing becomes moot. Another win.

Jim Morin, May 19, 2011

Now let's suppose nothing happens tomorrow! Think of how entertaining it is going to be listening to all these Rapturists trying to explain away the non-event. They'll be more amusing than Uncle Newtie trying to explain to the Tea Partyers and the Republicans (okay, that's redundant) that when he told the truth on Meet the Press about right-wing radical social engineering, he didn't really mean what everybody heard him say. The late-night comedians will have it made. I say, win!

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