Insanity reigns

| Either the world has lost its ever-lovin' mind, or I have. There is no other explanation.

This is about, of course, the apparent impossibility of closing the sale of my condo. For two months, everything was hung up while Wells Fargo Bank threw up hoop after hoop for the Buyers to jump through. The loan documents were finally generated on March 23 and signed by the Buyers on March 25. Smooth sailing from then on, right?

Wrong! When the paperwork got to the master leaseholder, he noted that the refinancing I had done two years prior had not been approved, and there was talk of a $2000 penalty to be levied. Thankfully, that didn't happen, and the paperwork then went to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Bureau, on the other hand, decided that an egregious wrong had been committed — they would require a copy of my Note from Fremont Bank, signed by two officers of the bank, and notarized! They would also charge the recording fee they would have charged two years ago. Fine.

As recently as Wednesday, escrow expected approval that afternoon or Thursday, meaning that the sale could close today.

Today, escrow called: now the Bureau wants a copy of the appraisal report done for my refi!!! A two-year-old appraisal isn't worth the paper it's written on (especially in this market!) and can have absolutely no relevance to the sale of the property.

To make bad matters worse, I just found out that my agent had paid the Bureau $500 to expedite the handling of their approval. I told Tom he'd better go and get his money back, because it's clearly not working. He's afraid to go back to them because he's afraid they'll drag it out even more. Pure and simple, this is extortion, and obviously the bribe wasn't big enough!

I may not be crazy yet, but at this rate I soon will be.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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