And rain in the valley

| Last Friday Mother Nature dumped on the the valley again. It simply poured Friday night, all night, and the morning brought mostly cloudy but drier skies. Finally on Sunday morning, everything cleared and we could see and smell what she had done. Smell, because the air had beent thoroughly washed and cleared of dust and pollution, leaving nothing but freshness.

Mt San Jacinto
Mt San Gorgonio

Mt San Jacinto was positively glorious in the Sunday morning sunshine. The snow line was really quite low. Two feet of new snow was reported at the Tram.

And on the other side of the pass, Mt San Gorgonio was equally resplendent.

Meanwhile, closer to home, the water catchment basins had filled again, although not completely full as they had during the previous deluge in December.

Once again, the traffic sign next to the mailboxes was washed out and left lying on the ground, along with all the exposed irrigation piping. I guess the maintenance people needed something more to do.

The tennis court, aka water catchment basin
Washed out sign — again!

Today there is sun again, but there are many clouds, so it is not as sparkly as it was yesterday. And it is equally chilly, a mere 48°F at nine o'clock in the morning.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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