NFL says XLV, but it's our XIII

| The usual suspects came to Desert Hot Springs to observe the pseudo-holiday Super Bowl. This was the 13th consecutive year that we have observed this all-American pseudo holiday by getting together somewhere to dine, and dine, and dine. Oh, yeah, we also watch the game — but mostly for the commercials. This year's ads were sort of ho-hum.

Jim and Angela arrived from San Francisco Friday night, there having been no travel-stopping blizzard in the Bay Area to disrupt their plans.

Bob and Carolyn, on the other hand, were to have arrived on Thursday, but Mother Nature had something to say about that. She dumped a blizzard on the midwest that left the media people scrambling for dire-sounding language to "brand" their coverage. Suffice it to say that all flights from O'Hare (ORD) were cancelled and it was impossible for B and C to re-book until Saturday.

63°F — non-locals

Super Bowl Sunday began with the early risers among the guests assembled in shorts, T-shirts, and bare feet on the patio. "Locals," on the other hand, know that 63°F is for long pants, sweatshirts, insulated thermal socks, and parkas.

Later in the morning the Brunch Bunch arrived bearing brunch, and the festivities began. I clearly need a bigger pitcher for Bloody Marys. Thereafter followed the usual gluttony.

The original food plan had been to follow brunch with some finger-food during the afternoon to tide us over until half-time when we would have brats and various sides in honor of the Green Bay Packers. (Midwesterners love their brats!) However, everyone was so stuffed from brunch that the stuffed mushrooms and BBQ chicken wings pretty much extinguished any desire for more food, so we skipped the brats and went straight to dessert, a recipe called Viennese Torte, but it was really a cake frosted with gallons of whipped cream. All that discipline around the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years axis was negated in a single afternoon.

On Monday, Bob, Carolyn, Jim, and I went out to Big Morongo Canyon to walk through the park while Angela stayed behind on an all-day conference call for work.

On Tuesday, I took B & C to Joshua Tree National Park, which they had never seen. We checked out Barker Dam (there was lots of water) and drove up to Keys lookout over the valley, where we stayed all of about 10 seconds. According to Sophie it was only 46°F at the lookout, and the wind was simply roaring; we made a rapid retreat to the warmth of the car.

Now it's Wednesday, and all the guests are gone. Jim and Angela, as is their wont, wanted to be at the airport by 6:30pm for their 8:15 flight. Unfortunately, said flight didn't fly until 9:40pm, making it after 11 when they arrived back at SFO. Yikes! I left Bob and Carolyn at the airport this morning for their flight. Let's hope they have better luck with theirs.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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