Ken's tree

Fa la la la la!

| The usual suspects — minus Bob and plus Kenny and Richard — assembled at Ken's for the customary holiday pig-out. It was our first chance to see Kenny and Richard since their arrival from Montréal. Poor Bob, alas he accepted a better invitation, with his nephew in Paris (yes, that Paris).

Fidel, top, and Trevor in a calmer moment

It was also the first opportunity to meet Ken's latest collie rescue, whom he has named Fidel, after a similarly named pooch in one of his favorite movies.

We had the usual smorgasbord of high-fat, high-calorie things to eat, including a Tourtière, a traditional Québécois meat pie.

To some of our dismays, Fidel insisted on purloining food from the buffet; he seemed to be partial to turkey, although nothing was truly safe from the sneaky marauder.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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