Eureka - the mountains behind the house are found!

Oh what a relief it is!

| When I woke up early this morning the back yard was bathed in moonshine, so I knew the skies were clear. And when the sun finally cleared the horizon, it was bright and cloudless. Sun, glorious sun! And after a week of rain, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Mt San Jacinto reemerges from its shroud

With the temperature at a chilly 46°F, I bundled up and grabbed my camera for a walk to the mailboxes. Several neighbors were also out marveling at the snow-capped peaks on both sides of the valley.

Basketball court retention area

I was very curious to see the two "retention areas" with the basketball and tennis courts. Yesterday those basins were full to the brim. This morning a lot of water remains, but it has fallen, leaving rings around the edges like reservoirs in a drought. The best surprise was that with bright sun and no breeze, the water became a perfect mirror.

Mirrored tennis court

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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