Just not tropical

| Having been awakened several times last night by crescendos of rain on the roof and splattering on the patio outside the bedroom, I decided this morning to breakfast at Sidewinder and take my camera to capture watery scenes.

Just a block from home I was struck dumb by the sight of the "retention area" by the mailboxes — big square pits dug into the hillside. I had assumed it had something to do with catching run-off during a rain — I wasn't prepared to see Golden Pond. Yes, those are basketball hoops, positioned for easy lay-ups by kayak-borne dribblers.

Retention area
At the entrance, the street to the right was blocked — and to the left! No exit!
It happens every time it rains — believing himself exempt, someone tries to drive through the raging flood only to be stranded mid-rapids.

To the left was the inevitable evidence of driving folly, a car stranded crosswise the road having evidently tried to drive across the flood only to discover that it was deeper than it looked. It happens during every storm.

Eventually I found a way to get to Sidewinder and had a wonderful breakfast. Meanwhile, there's no end in sight for the rain.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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