What a difference a week makes

| Just a few days ago, it was summer in the desert — sunny, warm, clear skies. Over the weekend colossal clouds moved in bringing dreary skies and rain — lots of rain.


Saturday evening, Réal and I drove into Los Angeles to see Leslie Jordan's one-man Christmas show, Deck Them Halls, Y'all, and it absolutely poured all the way in and all the way back. By the next morning, the rain had moved into the desert and hasn't gone away since.

Ramon Rd, the only east-west artery that is open

On the valley floor the rain has raised havoc with the roads. Through-streets that cross any of the washes have been turned into no-go streets. The remaining streets, of which there are precious few, have become stop-and-go lots. Getting from A to B entails a circuitous route through K, D, M, Z, and other points. The whole mess is exacerbated, of course, by the fact that the town is clogged with snowbirds who can't drive under the best of conditions, and they are gob-smacked by all the road closures. A quick trip into Palm Springs to return my library books this afternoon, normally a 15-minute excursion, took nearly 40 minutes.

Mt San Jacinto as seen from the front door. It's there somewhere. I think.
Mt San Gorgonio as seen from the back yard. It's there somewhere. Hopefully.
The mountains behind the house.

Trying to be optimistic, when the clouds finally clear the mountains are likely to be blanketed with snow — and lovely, from a distance.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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