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| 5 December 2010. The annual Festival of Lights Parade almost didn't happen this year. The city budget is very tight, and the parade was cancelled, but merchants and others got together to raise the money to hold the parade anyway. Smart move — proven by the many tens of thousands who lined Palm Canyon Drive for the event.

The parade had a few new wrinkles this year, the most notable of which was the presence of several gigantic helium balloons walked along the route by intrepid balloon wranglers.

Simple enough, except that at each intersection, the balloon had to be wrestled to the pavement so it would pass under the street lights. Obviously, this was something the wranglers had practiced, because it went off without a hitch.

Another new wrinkle was the very large number of people in the crowd with cell phone cameras taking pictures of the parade. And I have to say, from what I could see over people's shoulders, I was a bit envious of how well many of the pictures were turning out. More technology that has passed me by!


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