Gary Markstein

Triumph of the terrible twos?

| This election season has been the most dispiriting one that I can recall. Buoyed by the giddy euphoria that accompanied the election and inauguration of Barack Obama, I had high hopes that the country was pulling back from the darkness and irrationality of the Bush years.


Wrong! The Republicans have played the role of loyal opposition, but with a cynical twist — they are loyal not to the betterment of the country but to doing anything to regain power. Mitch McConnell, Republican leader of the Senate, brazenly told the National Journal that "the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." That's not loyal opposition — that's opposition. In short, the Republicans are acting like two-year-olds, whose vocabulary often seems to consist of two words "no"and "mine."


The Republican ballot in several states offers extremist candidates who seem bent on destroying government and all advances in human and civil rights:

What is truly frightening is the prospect that some of these dingbats might actually win! The electorate has been bombarded by so much distortion, misinformation, and outright lies, that the romantic ideal of informed citizens casting their ballots is so overly-optimistic as to be delusional.

Jim Morin

Here in California we are expected to make decisions on no fewer than 9 state-wide propositions. We also have two extremely wealthy women trying to buy the governorship and a senate seat. The hubris is breath-taking — "I think I'll take up a new career in politics, and by the way, I'll start at the top" — but fortunately, voters seem to be unconvinced.

It is a sad paradox that the proliferation of cable "news" and the internet has made the electorate less-informed rather than more-informed. It is too easy to be exposed only to people you agree with or who share your fears and myths.

Paul Szep

Excuse me. I'm going back to bed.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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