What a difference a week makes!

| Brrr!

1 week ago

Just one week ago we were sweltering in a late September warm spell, with morning temps around 80°F and highs near 110°F. This morning it's 51°F. I guess the good news is that there hasn't been any snow.

Now, I know full well that there are lots of people in lots of places who would look at morning temps in the 50s as balmy. But when the temperature falls 40 degrees overnight, it comes as a shock to the system.

This cold weather blew in Monday night. And the operative word is blew. Several times during the night it seemed as if the big bad wolf was trying to blow my house down. Fortunately, it's not made of straw.

The weather is getting just plain weird. The climate-change deniers may think it's all a hoax, but if it is, it's perpetrated by Mother Nature herself!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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