You're still glowin', You're still crowin', You're still goin' strong

You're looking swell

| Carol Channing was honored with a star on Palm Springs Walk of Stars, right in front of one of our favorite restaurants, Azul. Several weeks ago Réal saw an announcement at the bar, so we reserved our usual table for the event. Although the ceremony was scheduled for 2pm, we arrived just before noon to claim our table and start the festivities.

Photo op!
What we saw of the ceremony

In fact, our usual table had been moved to make room for a photo-op setting with a big background with the names of the restaurant and bar. It would have been a shame not to take advantage, right?

The place was packed so our view of the festivities was, shall we say, limited. But we were consoled by the fact that she would have to walk right by our table to get to the photo-op setting and the stairs to the after-party upstairs in Georgie's Alibi.

(Photo: The Desert Sun)

Born in 1921, Channing does, in fact, look swell and is goin' strong. The ceremony consisted of apparently endless speeches (we could hear as well as we could see), but when it came Carol's turn, she belted out Hello Dolly! to the great delight of the crowed, who reciprocated by singing the second verse to her. She did need a steadying hand to walk — and who wouldn't have among the press of eager fans? We should all look so good at 89.

Check out the slideshow for some amusing pics.

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Channing greeting her fans!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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