LA County Fair 2010

| Bob, Réal, and I went to the fair yesterday in Pomona, where it was Senior Day (admission $6). Although it was unseasonably cool here in the desert, it was downright "brisk" at the fair. As soon as we went through the Banning pass, the skies changed from crystal-clear blue to overcast gray, and they stayed that way throughout the day, except for one brief moment late in the afternoon when the sun attempted, unsuccessfully, to break through the murk.

Most disgusting fair food


This year's award for Most Disgusting Fair Food has to go to the chocolate-covered bacon on offer. Chocolate, yes. Bacon, yes! Chocolate-covered bacon — I don't think so!


Best fair food

Apple crisp — it's under there, really! — and Ginger cake

The award for Best Fair Food and for Best Value must go to the offerings at the Gingerbread house. Réal and I chose the Apple Crisp, which came topped with vanilla ice cream and a mountain of whipped cream, drizzled with caramel sauce. Bob went for the Senior Special, a massive slab of ginger cake with an equally impressive mound of whipped cream. At, for the fair, reasonable prices.


With a cup of delicious coffee, we were definitely happy fair goers.


The shopping place

Several large buildings are devoted to vendors hawking their wares, everything imaginable from trashy kitsch to high-end merchandise. I succumbed to buying a jar of cucumber-dill snack and dip seasoning from the Watkins lady, mostly for nostalgia. When I was a wee lad on the farm in Minnesota, traveling salesmen made their rounds, one of which was the Watkins Man. He would show up with his case of seasonings and spices, and my mother would make her selection: black pepper, cinammon, nutmeg, and the like.

Bob soon surrendered to the spiel of a guy selling steam floor cleaners, which, if he is to be believed, will clean and sanitize the whole house, effortlessly. It did seem to work well, quickly taking up marks and stains from different kinds of floors. After he nearly bought a mini-massager, we realized we should probably take his credit cards away.

There was one thing that really tempted me: a swing/chaise-longue that would be a terrific addition to the patio. Fortunately, I was able to resist. There is the matter of the unsold condo to consider.


The parade


At the end of the afternoon, they always have a parade through the fair grounds: fire-engines, bands, and such. And this year the Budweiser Clydesdales were there as well. While we waited for it to start, Bob tried out one of the foot-massage chairs found all around the fair grounds. After a day of walking, our feet were all complaining, but Bob was the only one with a quarter. (Nothing is free, you know!) He pronounced it very relaxing.


And the favorite of young and old alike, the Budweiser Clydesdales!

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