Cowboy up!

| On Sunday, Réal, Bob, and I went to the rodeo at San Diego. This year's rodeo seemed much better organized than in previous years, and the afternoon sped by.

One of the first events we watched was billed as "steer riding."

"Steer riding"
The "steers" are apparently trans-gender

But I beg to differ. I was born on a farm. I know the difference.


It being Sunday, there was not a big crowd. Most people come on the first day, Saturday, when there are other attractions, like country-western dancing. Which is not to say there were no attractions on Sunday. People watching is always in order.

Why hello, cowboy!

As always, this year's goat-dressing and wild drag race were very entertaining. Well, maybe not for the goats and the steers, but for the audience, surely.

Goat-dressing — a team event, in which two people race down the arena and inflict indignity on a goat by putting a pair of BVDs on the goat. This is always a popular event, although the goats are generally less enthusiastic than the spectators.

Wild drag race — another team event, in which two people try to convince a steer to go from the chute across a line drawn on the dirt in the arena, whereupon the "drag" must mount the critter and ride it back across the line. The steers are not obliged to cooperate.


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