Pass the alka-seltzer, please

| It being the holiday weekend, the Bunch decided to forego brunch at a restaurant — instead it would be a pot-luck at Ken's. Well, that didn't work out, so it turned into a pot-luck Chez Paul.

Bloody Mary's
Whenever we do brunch chez moi, I always make a pitcher of Bloody Mary's to start things off. We sat around my new bistro table to enjoy our cocktails.
Rib-eye steak
Réal said he'd bring steaks, as long as somebody else helped grill them. That's an offer that can't be refused.
Baked beans
Bob has become our official chef de baked beans. We're not sure what all he puts in them, but we're pretty sure brown sugar and molasses are two of the ingredients — in super-sized proportions.
Sweet corn on the cob
Ken has become true-believer in the Martha Stewart method of doing sweet corn: soak the un-shucked ears in a bucket of water for at least half and hour; grill for 20 minutes, turning once; husk; slather with butter and start gnawing! Yum!
I had seen Ina Garten make this on the Food Network, so I had to try it, despite the list of 22 ingredients, including ground lamb, which I drove all over town in search of. It was delish! In the context of our meal it was overkill, but would be superb as a main course with a green salad and a slab of garlic bread.
Gooey butter cake
Réal had been rhapsodizing about a Paula Deen butter cake he found at Walmart, so he brought one for us to try. Like everything Paula Deen makes, this included a stick of butter and a pound of sugar. Oh, was it good! (Recipe)

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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