Can any first be too trivial?

| This afternoon I tried out my new washer and dryer for the first time. Blinking lights, chimes, and good design, oh me!

Note the clever design with a tab showing the exact level of soap to add (same for softener and bleach)
Is this a washer or a 747?

Of course the machine would require "high efficiency" laundry soap instead of ordinary detergent, so there was an obligatory visit to the store to shop for soap.

The instrument panel looks intimidating, but once you think about it, you see that it asks you to make pretty simple choices in just a few categories, and then push go. In fact, if you're satisfied with "normal" there's really nothing to do except push On then Start.

The washer begins by doing a lot of nothing. It goes through little spasms of activity, turning this way and then back again, and eventually spritzes in a little water. After a few times of to-and-fro it adds a little more water.

And I do mean a little bit of water. Some of the front-loading washing machines you see at the laundromat seem to get half-full of water. The Samsung is very miserly with water; the clothes were thoroughly wet, but there was very little extra water sloshing around.

The other very noticeable thing about the Samsung is what you don't notice — noise. This is the quietest washing machine I've ever seen. The only time it made even a little noise was during the spin cycles, and even that wasn't all that loud, since there was very little vibration.

The washer spun so much of the water out that the clothes were practically dry going into the dryer. And it left them all fluffy.

So far, so fine!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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