Good-bye old house, hello new house!

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It's very disorienting to wake up in a house that is boxed up ready to move. The coffee pot has been packed away, the refrigerator is empty; all that remains is the tiny sliver of soap in the shower, a towel, and a throw-away razor. It's the point at which you wish someone hadn't been so damned efficient — things you take for granted are no more. We're talking basics, folks: deodorant, coffee, paper towels.

Dorothy at Action Movers must run a really tight ship. She promised that the truck would be there at 8am sharp, and by 8:01 they had backed the truck into the driveway and shut off the engine. Let the loading begin!


After a week of hustle and bustle, it felt really weird to have nothing to do. The guys took a look around, checked about what was going and what was staying, and got right to work. Four hours later, the house was empty, and it was off to Desert Hot Springs.

When we got to the new house there was a little more for me to do. A few things had no corresponding place in the new house, and I had them switch the bedroom furniture between the master and guest bedrooms, but for the most part I did strenuous things like point, and say, Let's try the long couch about here.

In the middle of unloading the guys came in to say that someone was out front and wanted someone. Might it be the neighborhood welcome wagon? A neighbor bringing a mac-and-cheese casserole? It turned out to be the repo man, trying to repossess a Subaru at this address. Sheesh — the guy lost his house and now they're trying to take back his car. Life can be tough.

After the movers left I drove back to Palm Springs to vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, and get rid of that embarassing dust accumulation on the baseboards behind where the furniture was — my agent is having another open house this afternoon, and the house had to be presentable.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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