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Appliances and getting connected

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button check mark Appliances delivery

Yesterday I received a robocall to inform me that my new refrigerator, washer, and dryer would be delivered between the hours of 8am and 12am.


This morning at 6:50 I got a call from the driver for Lowe's — I would be his first stop today, was I available? Sure, but give me half an hour to get to the house; I was expecting 8-12.

Shortly after 7:30 the truck showed up and began unloading, uncrating, and bringing in the new goodies. They used harnesses over their shoulders and back to carry the washer and dryer, rather like a big baby carrier. OK, no baby that big should still be carried, but you get the idea. It lets them have their hands free to steady the appliance without having to manhandle it and struggle for handholds.

To my great astonishment, they also carried the refrigerator in, in the same way, all 450 pounds of it. It was a bit too deep to fit through the front door, so they opened one of the French doors, angled it through, then repeated with the other French door.

LED lighting inside, oh my!
Aren't they a lovely couple?

button check mark Cable and internet installation

I abhor Time-Warner Cable. For a time I considered going to satellite TV; DirecTV actually has quite reasonable programming bundles, and the previous owner used Dish. But then there's the matter of the internet. After having cable internet, there's no going back to DSL (which would mean Verizon, which I abhor nearly as much as Time Warner). I flirted with satellite internet, and found that Wildblue often partners with DirecTV. But when I started adding together the cost of high-speed satellite internet with TV, the cost shot through the roof. Back to Time Warner.

The cable guy showed up about 8:30 and set about connecting up the house to Time-Warner. Fortunately, the house was already wired for cable, and it was just a matter of disconnecting the Dish Network connection and re-establishing the Time-Warner connection. The only thing was, the TWC systems were all jammed up so he was unable to fully activate everything.

Cable finally started coming through about an hour later, but for some reason the system doesn't recognize the new cable modem he gave me, so someone else has to come back this afternoon, probably to exchange the modem. Argh!

An interesting aside: the equipment TWC is installing (DVR, modem) now comes from Cisco. I hope the modem is not indicative of quality control of Cisco's consumer products.

Connected! In the words of the tech who showed up, "I'm sorry, that is something they should have been able to fix for you over the phone." Oh well.

button check mark Bug man

The house has been vacant for a while, and I've found a number of dead roaches lying about. The good news is they're dead; the bad news is there's probably more where they came from. Before moving all my stuff in, I'm having the bug man come and thoroughly de-bug the place.

According to the bug man, the roach carcasses I've been finding are American roaches. According to him, that's good news because the American roaches don't infest the house like German roaches. He offered a good deal on monthly service, so I signed up. $30/month is a small price to pay for a cockroach- and cricket-free environment.

button check mark Moving computer equipment

One thing I will not have the movers do is all the computer equipment in the office. I'll make a mess of that myself. This afternoon's task is to disconnect everything, box it up, and bring it to DHS.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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