| Now that the house in Desert Hot Springs is mine, it's time to get the move underway.

button_check-black Desert Valley Disposal

To get the trash disposal service transferred to my name, I had to submit proof of ownership. Desert Valley Disposal's office is in the same place as Palm Springs Disposal Service, the staff is the same staff, the services are the same services, so I don't know what's up with the two separate names and two separate websites. Oh well.

button_check-black Mission Springs Water District

Here I had to show both proof of ownership and picture ID. These guys are tough!

button_check-black Post Office

Delivery in the development is to banks of mailboxes rather than to individual mailboxes at your house. You have to go to the post office, pay them $50 to change the lock on whatever mailbox will be assigned to you, then come back on Friday to pick up the key and find out which box it is.


button_check-black Coffee break?

Me, to Sophie: Coffee house.

Sophie: System is showing coffee house icons. Which is all well and good, except the map is blank.

Me: Can it be that there are no coffee shops in this town? Nearest Starbucks.

Sophie: System is showing nearest Starbucks. It's in Palm Springs.

Me: OMG, I'm moving to the only city in America without a Starbucks! What have I done?!?!

I settle for breakfast at a quaint little restaurant called "Cottage Too." I don't understand the name, but it seems to be the happening place — there are several cars in the parking lot. And, they do serve coffee and "fine home cooking."

button_check-black Garage door

Sophie in her new home

There is no clicker for the garage door, so I had to buy a universal clicker and use the opener to teach the clicker the proper code. Then I had to use the clicker to teach Sophie the code. Then I had to use the opener to teach Sophie how to send the "rolling codes." It's one of those that sends a different code each time and uses a secret decoding key to interpret it. It's supposed to prevent code theft.

After I read the directions for the fourth time, it all works.

button_check-black New lock

I go to Lowes to buy a new electronic deadbolt for the front door, the kind where you punch in a code instead of using a key. The one I want will be $179 and a special order. Maybe not.

I drive across the street to Home Depot, and they have the same one in stock, and it's only $119.


I get to the house only to discover that the color of the door handle is much, much lighter than the color of the new deadbolt, a "dirty brass" compared to bronze. I install it anyway.

Did I mention that I still haven't been able to program new secret codes into it?

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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