| When I reopened my search for a new house I subscribed to a new-listings service at and, due to laziness, have not gone back to unsubscribe. The first property listed on today's update had me ROFLMAO.


This, of course, is the same house for which I offered $150,000 on March 20, an offer that I withdrew on June 15 because in all that time, Bank of America had not made any written response to my offer, and because my offer on a different property had been accepted after just 3 days.

So, here we have a perfect example of the dollar cost of doing business badly. If BofA had acted on my offer — or even made encouraging noises to keep me on the hook — they could have gotten the Franklin St property off their hands, gotten rid of those "toxic assets" that we heard so much about during the depths of the financial crisis. But because they couldn't get their sh*t together, they still have the toxic asset and will now lose another $25,000.

Of course I'm ROFLMAO: in about two weeks I'll close on the new house — a bigger and better house on a bigger lot in the same neighborhood.

Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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