Snug as a bug once again

| Whew! I'm so relieved that both baby hummers are back in their nest and apparently none the worse for their adventures. Watching the homecoming was very interesting.

The Fallen One, returned first to the nest, perched on the side of the nest for a very long time. It kept looking around, probably wondering to itself where the other one was.

The Flown One, that I thought had gone, was discovered on the ground under a tree by the mother who flew down to feed it. By the time I went out to try to move it back to the nest, it had gotten up and perched on a wire from an old light fixture under the tree.

When I got the Flown One back to the wind chime, the Fallen One was still outside the nest. The two of them stayed in their positions for the longest time. At last, the Fallen One got back inside the nest, but stayed up on its feet, looking around, obviously ill at ease. The Flown One still clung to the strings on the wind chime for a long time, perhaps half an hour or so. It busied itself at preening its feathers, getting them unruffled and properly coiffed.

Meanwhile, the mother bird came back and fed them both several times. Finally the Flown One, revived perhaps by sustenance, started flapping its wings and after several false starts moved over next to the nest.

At this point, the two of them went through a lot of mutual bill stroking — I'd like to think these may have been affectionate little kisses of joy at their reunion, but I suppose it could as well have been checking each other out to see if they were friend or foe. The Fallen One then snuggled down inside the nest in the usual position.

After a couple of more feedings, the Flown One climbed back into the nest. "Hey, move over! Gimme some room!" I imagine it saying in hummerspeak.

This morning they are once again snuggled together in their nest, looking just as sweet as ever.


Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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