Photo session prompts premature flight

| The baby hummers are two weeks old today, so I wanted to get more pictures of them. They've become more active lately, occasionally standing up and flapping their wings.


I took a couple of pictures with the nest in situ before unhooking the wind chime to get views from a better angle. The babies were calm and sat still as statues while I snapped away.

Then tragedy struck: while I was hanging the wind chime back on the hook, one of the babies got spooked and flew out of the nest. Alas, its little wings were not yet strong enough, and it landed on the patio floor. I tried to pick it up with my hands, but it was so small that I was afraid I would accidentally hurt it. I got a paper cup and used it as a carrier to get it back to the nest.

However, when I approached the nest, the other one now flew away, apparently a bit stronger. The one that had fallen just clung to the outside of the nest and wouldn't go back inside for quite a while, although it later did.

I eventually found the other one perched on a small wire near the ground and was able to move it back up to the top of the wind chime near the nest so it can join its sibling.

I hope they're both okay. I know I feel positively terrible.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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