Aunt Heather and Angela

Passing through

| A few days ago Angela left me a voicemail message saying that she would be "passing through" Palm Springs and would love to visit. Of course, when Angela said it it came out as "pahssing through" — she can be talking absolute rubbish and it woud still sound ever so posh, what with her English accent.

I found "passing through" a curious choice of words, because no one "passes through" Palm Springs. If you're in Palm Springs it's because you came here on purpose, not just whilst on your way to somewhere else. After further rounds of voicemail tag we finally connected, and it seemed that "pahssing through" was entirely apt, since Angela and her Aunt Heather were on a week-long road trip to San Diego from the Bay Area and they had a "spare night" in their itinerary.

The two of them arrived on Tuesday afternoon and after a glass of wine I drove them over to at least see the new house from the outside. They were suitably impressed, or so they said. We capped the evening off with a wonderful dinner at the Blue Coyote, beginning with a pitcher of Wild Coyote margaritas. Enough said.

Angela was disappointed that she would be unable to be the "first guest" in my new house, but immediately latched onto the idea that she might be the last guest in my current house.

That may or may not hold up since it will be a while before I move, but you have to admire the quick thinking.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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