And then there's stupid spammers

| A few days ago I acknowledged the creativity and perspicacity behind a new flood of phishing and spamming. Today I decry the ineptitude of yet others.

For the past two days, at least, my junk-mail folder has been filling up with messages bearing the subject Spamit_New_Subj.

This morning's crop of spam

Someone has obviously created a little spam utility — would that be a spamtility? — to spew out new waves of spam. Obviously, you're supposed to supply a new subject line for the messages. But the spammers into whose hands this little program have fallen are obviously too stupid to realize that, so they end up sending messages bearing the name of the variable for the subject: Spamit_New_Subj.

Curious about the messages themselves, I took a look at one:


Oh yeah, it's all about "goods" to enhance my "carnal action."

In this case, the link actually does go to, a domain registered to "jiang bb" in ShanDong province of China.

Spammers, if you're going to spam, learn how to use your tools! And pay better attention in that English as a Foreign Language class!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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