Fa la la la la

| We ate Christmas at Phil's this year. Having survived his first encounter with "the bird" last year, he was eager to do it all again — and we were only to happy to let him.

Of course, everyone pitched in with the cooking.

I said I would reprise the stuffing we didn't have at Thanksgiving time; Ken concocted a wonderful vegetable casserole; and Réal bookended the meal with shrimp cocktail for starters and pie and cake for dessert. And let's not forget the Baileys-Kahlua-Butterscotch shots in between. Since Bob wasn't there, Réal drank ones for him.

After dinner we sat around and listened to Susan Boyle's new CD, which is simply fabulous. What a splendid voice!

And of course, there was the usual repartee, politics, and general tomfoolery. In short, a wonderful time.


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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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