Born again!

| The Christmas fruitcake has fallen into disfavor and ill-repute among many, except as an annual joke. Johnny Carson used to say that there was only one fruitcake in the world, just passed around from year to year. And, like Brussels sprouts, it may be an acquired taste.

I used to prosyletize by making fruitcakes sure to please the palate of all but the most jaded, fruitcakes begun in August with the great soaking of the fruits and nuts in spirits for several weeks, then the baking and aging and ripening of the finished cakes in brandy-soaked swaddling cloths for additional weeks. And then I stopped. It got to be too expensive and too much trouble.

This year I decided to re-imagine the fruitcake as a cookie. As it turns out, I was not the first to have this thought, and I found dozens and dozens of "fruitcake cookie" recipes, none of which seemed compelling, although one from Ina Garten ( came close. But what I didn't like about hers was that the dough was rolled into logs then sliced to make the cookies. I tried it, the taste was terrific, but they looked a bit too much like hockey pucks.

Start with fruit and nuts — lots of it!

So, with half a dozen recipes before me, I set about creating my own version.

And they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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