Cold snap

| It's all relative, and right now it's relatively cold! Overnight it was a mere 43°F and the next two nights are predicted to drop below freezing.

The plumbers are gonna love it! They'll get lots of extra work fixing broken pipes. The last time there was a hard freeze, a few years ago, several houses around town with exposed pipes on the roof looked like Niagara Falls in winter.

The gardeners aren't gonna like it! Half the plants will die, and distraught homeowners will be complaining for months about this bare spot or that dead-looking bush.

I'm gonna hate it, because I'll probably have to turn the furnace on. Besides that, I detest cold. It shouldn't be allowed. Can we have a little global warming here?

Of course, those in the north land consider all this as wimpy whining. And they do have a point — up to a point.

In response to a previous lament about the chill, friend Bob in Michigan sent these contemporaneous pictures of his yard blanketed by the "first snow" of the season:

First snow in Grand Rapids
(Photos by Bob)

A book at the library about Palm Springs history has a picture with Palm Canyon Drive covered with snow. I don't know the year, but I would dearly love to do a re-take of that picture. Provided, of course, that the snow would then immediately melt!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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