Three score, a baker's dozen, and counting

Very belated but very happy

| The anniversary of Bob's birth was officially back in June, but events conspired, and we just got around to a proper celebration.

Barbara [L] and Kay

Bob's friends Barbara and Kay came into town and cooked a marvelous dinner for Bob and the rest of the Brunch Bunch as well. And what a dinner! For starters, there were homemade tortilla chips with salsa and margaritas that were to die for. Then there were the enchiladas suisse accompanied by a salad of cactus, then pulled pork and authentic posole made from scratch — we're talking about dried hominy here; no shortcuts from the can allowed. We even had tutoring in how to accessorize one's posole.

After dinner, we sat around by the light of a flare and settled all the problems of the world. You've noticed the difference I trust!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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