À la mode, of course!

| It's harvest time in Oak Glen, so the usual suspects headed up into the mountains yesterday to enjoy the scenery and the scene. And what a scene it was!

Oak Glen is only 45 miles from Palm Springs

The area around Oak Glen is apple country and a very popular destination in the fall when the harvest is going on. The farms do everything they can to attract visitors — and they are very successful at it! As soon as we left the freeway in Beaumont, it was obvious we weren't the only ones on the way to enjoy a stunningly gorgeous day in the mountains.

Despite the thousands of cars, we were extraordinarily lucky to immediately get a parking place at all but one stop (and it was only a short wait there). Someone was always pulling out, just as we arrived. Sweet!

Entertainer at Ye Olde Taverne
The young lass must have been very bad to be enstocked

Riley's Farm is at the beginning of the 5-mile loop of apple orchards, so it was our first stop. The farm draws its theme from the 18th century, with all the help dressed costume and quaint spellings, like "pye" for pie. It sounds hokey, but it was actually quite fun. We decided to have our lunch in Ye Olde Taverne, starting with steaming mugs of cinammon flavored hot cider. The young serving wench was no help at all with the menu, since it was her first day and she professed to know nothing. Never mind — we'd try the Scotch bradie anyway. It turned to be a sort of meatloaf en croûte, topped with brown gravy, and it was delicious. And while we ate we were entertained by a piano player and a fiddler. And eating here turned out to be the best decision of the day, because at all the other farms the lines for food were like Disneyland.

Wildfires recently ravaged the area, preventing the usual influx of visitors during part of the high season, and the evidence was everywhere. At Riley's, for example, the fire had burned right up to the other side of the road from the farm, but miraculously none of the farms themselves suffered damage.

At the other end of the loop we had apple crisp à la mode from the Apple Shed at Parrish Pioneer Ranch. At Apple Dumplin's Restaurant it would have been an hour's wait.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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