Corn dogs, french fries, ice cream, oh my!

| On the way to the LA County Fair on Wednesday, "Senior day," Réal, Bob, Phil, and I reminisced about fairs past, which mainly focused on fair food.

At the Minnesota state fair they were called Pronto Pups, hot dogs on a stick dipped in a corn batter and deep-fat fried, properly eaten with yellow mustard. Here they were Corn Dogs, and of course I had to buy one at the first concession stand we came to inside the grounds. Sadly, I have to report that a Pronto Pup by any other name is not as good.

Réal immediately headed for french fries, which in this case came compacted together in the shape and size of a layer cake. Oh my!

Bob opted in favor of lemonade, and Phil dived into the soft-serve ice cream to complement a Corn Dog. This was all in the first ten minutes inside the gates.

Réal with his cake of french fries
Paul is gobsmacked by it all

The fair was a lot of fun, with lots of interesting things to see, running the gamut from tacky carnival games to an entire building devoted to "Going Green." In between there were farm animals, garden displays, wine shops, and hundreds of other places to spend your money. As it turned out, one of the quickest ways to divest yourself of cash was by buying a beer, which sold for the princely sum of $10 or $12 (domestic or imported). I guess it costs a lot to feed those Budweiser Clydesdales, which were also there and appeared in the parade that wended its way through the fair grounds at the end of the afternoon.

We watched part of the horse show, which on that day featured draft horses and mules, as well as hackney ponies. The teams of Clydesdales, Belgians, Percherons, and Shires pulling their wagons around the arena were truly impressive.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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