Beep, beep!

| Last Sunday at brunch, we were talking about different kinds of birds, and I happened to mention that I hadn't seen a roadrunner in, maybe, two years. On Monday morning, two of them moved into the complex.

This is the first time I have seen a pair of them. They're obviously a couple — they're always together, and they hang around. Other times when roadrunners have come to visit, it's always been a single bird, and after making the rounds of the complex they've disappeared. These two must have a nest close-by, although I haven't seen it.

I love to watch them. They're actually quite pretty, with a bright blue comb that they once in a while spread out, and long, gorgeous tail feathers that they like to fan out from time to time. But most of all I like to watch them run. They're really fast; says they can run up to 18mph. And contrary to what AllAboutBirds says they do so go beep, beep. It's an unaspirated sound, close to sounding like meep, meep.

And they can fly to get up to a high branch or on the roof, although most of the time they trot.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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