Time to cowboy up!

| The Palm Springs rodeo was held this last weekend at the equestrian center out in Banning. Unlike last year when I succumbed to peer pressure and paid handsomely for a genuine Stetson, this year I bought only beer. Not that I didn't think of buying a jacket on Saturday — it was windy and cold. So much for "Hot Rodeo 2009."

Ken was master of the dance tent

Réal and I went both days. Ken was the official event DJ, so he was there for the duration, all day, all night, and all day again a second day. On Saturday afternoon, the LA Wranglers dance troupe put on a great show in the dance tent (see excerpts in the video below).

We saw a bunch of people that we haven't seen for a long time, and recognized a lot of faces from other rodeos in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Sunday was quite windy, but the sun was intense. That afternoon we began to smell smoke and soon the sky to the west was so smoke-filled that the view of the mountains was completely blocked. Fortunately, the fire itself was some 40 miles away and posed no danger.

My usual gallery of pictures is a bit sparse this year. On Saturday I took my Lumix camera, which was practically useless in sunlight because I couldn't see the digital display. On Sunday I took my Nikon, but when I turned it on, the battery was dead. Oh, well.

Nevertheless, there are a few interesting snaps, and I was able to put together a video of short clips from the Saturday events.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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