At one week

| It's been about a week since the baby hummers were hatched, and, during the day, the mama hummingbird is spending a great deal of time away from the nest. I assume she's off foraging for food, since she has to eat for three (herself and the two growing babies). I took advantage of this fact to try for a closer look at the nest.

The top of the nest is only a couple of inches from the ceiling, so it's impossible to look down into it. I did the next best thing: held a mirror over the nest and photographed the mirror. A few times the flash on the camera went off, and that was followed by visible thrashing about in the nest. It was only when I downloaded the pictures, however, that I could get a real look.


The first close look I've had at the nest. It's possible to see the fibers of which it's made, and even a feather tucked into the side. The black globules weren't there at the beginning; I assume they are bird shit.


Close up of the nest from directly above. I was surprised to see how thick the walls of the nest really are. The triangular shape at the left may be a beak; they are said to hatch with a sturdy beak that they use to break out of the shell. The long oblong shape at the bottom may be a wing. I'm amazed at all the feathers already — they hatch naked.

Are there one or two? I can't tell.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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