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| If you've been following the trials and tribulations of Trader Paul in recent months, you already know it hasn't been a pretty picture. In contrast to the early years when I tripled the value of my portfolio, lately it's all been downhill. I could have done better by picking stocks at random.

This is simply unacceptable. So, I have spent several weeks revising my strategy and subjecting it to rigorous regression testing. I feel confident the system is now ready to be rolled out. It consists of three simple principles.

1. Think big. It's clear that I've been setting my sights too low, looking for profits of a few thousands. In retrospect, these diminished expectations have been self-fulfilling.

2. Get in early. Looking for stocks that are on the rise doesn't work; by the time they are rising, too many other traders have jumped on the bandwagon, diluting the potential gains. The key is to get in at the very beginning, at a stock's lowest possible price.

3. Lock in profits; lock out losses. It's not the size of the profits that matter. Put enough small profits together and you're on your way to financial independence. It's the losses that kill you, so the key is to avoid them.

I have formed a new company dedicated to my enrichment, Financial Opportunities Online Limited, using proven internet technologies. Investors in the company are guaranteed a 20% return on their investment.

Here's how it will work: You send me $1 (I accept Paypal). I will send you a 20% return.

It's a win-win: My net profits will be 80%, and you get 20% of your investment. The ticker symbol is FOOL.


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