Mother Nature has lost control of the thermostat

| A week ago, when I came back from the Super Bowl weekend in Michigan, it was 80°F when I stepped off the plane. That was then. This is now.

Winter is back, with a vengeance. Over the weekend it got cold, the clouds descended, and the rains came. It was positively miserable yesterday: low dark clouds and rain all day long. At one point a tiny bit of blue sky emerged over the eastern side of the valley to reveal a lovely blanket of snow atop the mountain range.

Road to the tram is visible at the left; snow is almost down to the lower tram station
Across the valley; Mt San Gorgonio is the high peak on the left; windmill farms in foreground
Mt San Jacinto seen from the north end of town

Overnight the skies cleared and the thermometer sank to the high 30s just after sunrise, and while I was walking the grounds early this morning there was a coating of ice on the grass in some areas. I expected to see a thick coat of snow on the mountain.

Wrong! There is snow cover about half-way down the mountain, but it looks pretty sparse. The rain must have been just warm enough to melt a lot of it. But it's still pretty. Up there.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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