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Game on!

| It's all history now. The camaraderie. The food. The game. The outings. The snow. Well, at least the snow is over for the Californians, because we're all home again!

Here's what you need to know about the outside environment. Sunrise was at 8am. Sunset was at 6pm. The temperatures were in the teens, and the skies were overcast except for maybe 20 minutes. But inside, it was all about having a good time with friends.

Friday night we went down to the museum where there was live jazz, a new exhibit about Herman Melville, and a fine buffet that we enjoyed while looking out on ice skaters in the park. If you go there, here's a hint: buy your wine from the bar outside the buffet, not in the lobby — the barmaid uses bigger glasses and a generous pour.

Jim dressed warmly for the game

Another side trip was to Meijer Gardens, built with the largesse of the Meijers of Meijer Markets. It's a wonderful place, although it's a little surreal to walk through a tropical rain forest or a desert cactus display while looking at snowbanks through the greenhouse windows. There's also a massive sculpture of a horse, some 25 feet tall. And yes, it is anatomically correct and in proportion. Even I braved the wind chill to go out and have a look at that spectacle.

It was also fun to spend some time with Carolyn's family. Her parents live quite close by and invited us over for cocktails, along with Carolyn's brother Tom and his wife Jillian. That's Jill-i-an — three syllables, please, otherwise just Jill. What a hoot! Their house is also on a lake! And what's up with that? I thought Minnesota was supposed to be the "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

No Super Bowl weekend would be complete without The Game, of course. Patty and Jim, Carolyn's parents, came over to watch with us. The second half was really exciting; the first half, with all its holding penalties, not so much. And no game would be complete without food. Bob made a huge pot of chili, which we had with cornbread and a salad. And of course dessert: brownies with ice cream.

I came back yesterday by way of Minneapolis. The plane was full, and the middle seat was occupied by Mr Ah Choo who sniffled and sneezed the whole way. Where's my Zicam? And did I mention he weighed 400 pounds and also occupied half of both the aisle and window seats? Call it obese-ism if you will, but people that big should have to buy first-class tickets, or two seats.

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