SB43 in Michigan

Act in haste, …

| For many years, a group of my friends has gotten together every year for Super Bowl weekend. This used to be a lot easier when we all lived in the same area, but now we are scattered hither and yon. Yon got even bigger in the Fall when Bob and Carolyn moved to Michigan.

Jim was on it: What about having the Super Bowl party at Bob and Carolyn's?

Why not? said I quickly. Good chance to see their new house.

Perhaps too quickly as it turns out. First came the pictures. "Recent pix of the plowed driveway snow," read the cheery note from Bob. "Unless something warm happens it will all still be here for the Super Bowl."


OK, said I bravely, it can't be too bad — at least the basketball hoop is still above the snow line.

Then came a cautionary note from Carolyn: "Now that it actually is 2009, I thought I'd send out a message reminding you to bring your long-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters for wearing inside while you are here, (no drum roll, no joke) and of course, hats/gloves, parka/coat, boots for running around outside--or even just getting to the car!"

I replied with alacrity, "No, no, no, no, no. There must be some mistake. Turtlenecks and sweaters for inside the house? So 1970s. Boots? Running around outside? ... You must be thinking of some other S'Bowl Fans. LOL." And I found that weather reports for Michigan included ominous notes as well:

How to sleep warmly? Don't you just turn up the electric blanket?

Bob piled on: "Now that we have your attention, the facts are that the house is being kept at 68 degrees..." He went on to mention that the bedrooms were kept at 65.

Jim, bless his heart, tried humor to dislodge the growing doubts and fears, break the ice, so to speak: "But 65? Really, there's no need to run the air conditioner so hard for us. Paul can tell you, we can handle it up to about 100 degrees for a few days."

overnight low
Now they're messing with my mind, overnight low below 0°F

With two weeks left before departure, there's plenty of time for the other shoes to drop. What will it be? "Ice fisherman lands bodies frozen in ice at local lake"?

What have I done?

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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