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| It's so gratifying to see good works done well. Long-time readers may remember my first visit to the trout farm in Whitewater canyon in 2003. I had heard lately that the fishery had been closed and turned into a park, so on Saturday Réal and I went for a drive to see what they had done. The transformation is wonderful!

The Wildlands Conservancy, a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of California's wild lands, has made the former fishery part of its 33,000 acre Sand to Snow Preserve System. They have cleaned up the site, renovated some buildings, razed others, and installed solar power. Instead of being confined to the small area around the fish ponds, visitors are now free to wander for miles through the preserve.

The fish ponds are still there, except now fishing is for children only, and fish caught must be released, not filleted and feasted upon. The picnic area has been expanded and outfitted with attractive tables and new restrooms. And the vistas are to die for. By way of introducing more people to nature, they are offering some innovative programs; this month included a full-moon hike through the canyon, star-gazing, wilderness survival, and a volunteer restoration day. All good things.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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