Rod Blagojevich

Be so stupid!

| This year's award for swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool goes to Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) of Illinois.

There was a gov'nor Blagojevich,
His palms with such greed did so itch,
With his wife he conspired,
Fitzgerald's wire tap transpired,
To prison they should go for a hitch.

This is, of course, a gray area. What we know is there was a lot of talk; we don't know if any money actually changed hands. (Then, on the other hand, I was once arrested for "peddling" Stanley Cup playoff tickets, even though no transaction was ever completed — the judge dismissed the case "in the interest of justice.")

What's amazing about l'affaire Blagojevich, however, is how incredibly stupid he was. He knew he was already under investigation for other knavery, but he blatantly used his own phone for his scheming. It's a wonder he didn't follow Sarah's example and put the seat on E-Bay!

Blagojevich's hair
"We all know from childhood that it’s not nice to make fun of people’s appearance. So I will confine myself to merely observing that whatever covers the governor’s head looks to me like a bowling-ball cozy."
Dick Cavett, NYTimes, Dec 12, 2008

And then there's the hair. Maybe he has a night job as Elvis Presley impersonator. There must be some reason. All kidding front and center, Dick Cavett got off the best line, calling it a "bowling-ball cozy."

Where is that thin line? All sorts of wheeling and dealing goes on all the time. "You give me this bridge to nowhere, I'll give you a freeway Florida doesn't want." Or, in what can only be described as awkward timing, there's the whole emerging kerfuffle over who should be appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-vacant senate seat. Carolyn Kennedy, it is said, is "interested." New York politics being what they are, it's hard to imagine that that interest isn't being expressed by someone in some tangible fashion.

Politicians must be used to drawing fine lines like this. I suspect the rule is, "If someone else does it, it's wrong; if I do it, it's 'different.'"

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