Darkness, begone!

| Last Saturday evening was the annual Festival of Lights parade in Palm Springs, featuring brightly lighted floats, marching bands, vehicles of all types and sizes, horses — yes, even camels! Réal, Ken, and I planted our chairs in front of Koffi, where we could watch secure in the knowledge that a warming cup of latte was only a few steps away.

Across the street, the enterprising folks at the Palm Canyon Theatre, where normally coffee and cookies are served at intermission time, set up a table in front, where they also did a brisk business fortifying parade watchers.

Part way through the parade, the folks behind us had the bright idea to ask if their numerous kids could sit on the curb in front of us where they could see better. Being kindly, we of course said yes, not realizing immediately that they were hoping the dear children would endear themselves to us, leading to adoption or at least foster care. Not so fast!

Real, Ken, and my empty chair
Réal, my chair, and Ken (L-R)
Lighted camels
dancing tractor
Dancing tractor

The pièce de résistance, as every year, was the dancing tractor near the end of the parade. With lights covering everything (including the tires!), 60s golden oldies blaring, and more twists than Chubby Checker, the tractor is the hit of every year's parade. Santa, who follows, is anti-climactic.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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