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| Conventional wisdom is that times are tough all over; people are struggling, looking for a way to keep it together in perilous economic times. It should be easy to recruit people for a project. Shouldn't it?

Yesterday morning, I went through the yellow pages and selected six ads for landscape contractors who mentioned desert landscaping design and services. I placed six calls:

Of the four calls where I left messages:

What's wrong with this picture? Are people so busy with work that they don't even bother to return calls for prospective projects?

Granted, it's not a huge project worth thousands of dollars. But, since they haven't even called yet, they don't know that. And, the successful proposal will be on the fast track for 14 more similar projects.

Oh, and the one who came by to check out the job? He stopped by on his way to his adult-education class in English as a Second Language. You've got it — one of those immigrants (legal) that everyone wants to bash for taking American jobs, working his tail off, supporting his family, paying taxes, and trying to improve himself.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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