And the fire is so unnecessary

| Here it is, December 1st, and it is still a balmy 82°F. outside. Mt San Gorgonio has a new cap of sparkling white snow, and they say that Mt San Jacinto does as well, although you couldn't prove it by me. I haven't seen it, personally, although I looked while out for a bike ride yesterday.

Even better, the furnace remains un-used. It has been chilly some mornings, to be sure — we're talking temps in the 50s, mind! — but as soon as the sun comes up it warms right back up. Apart from the obvious beneficial effect on the gas bill, it means an abundance of fresh air through the always-open windows. Life is good.

And with Thanksgiving out of the way, the holiday season kicks into full swing.

The annual Festival of Lights parade will be next Saturday evening, Dec 6, with awards in several exciting categories, such as big rig, small rig, firetruck, equestrian unit, float, marching band, and so forth. My favorite, the dancing tractor, is in a class by itself.

Meanwhile, down in Indio, the Tamale Festival will take place the same weekend, Dec 6-7, drawing up to 100,000 people, or so they claim. That's a heap o' tamales!

The following weekend, most of the Usual Suspects are off to San Diego for the Diversionary Theatre's production of Scrouge in Rouge, in which 3 actors play 23 roles in a "quick-change, cross-dressing version of the Dickens classic, set in a Victorian music hall."

Then, Réal's Christmas Eve soirée will be upon us, followed by Phil's Christmas Day feast.

In a less festive tone, I have to note that a Wal-Mart worker in Long Island, NY, was trampled to death by frenzied shoppers rushing the doors, determined to get that special bargain. And locally, two men shot each other dead inside the Toys R Us store in Palm Desert, following an altercation between the young women they were with. Black Friday, indeed!

Pat Oliphant
Pat Oliphant

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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