A canyon-washer, in fact

| Mother Nature decided to give us a summer cleaning this morning, just before sunrise. I woke to an intense pounding on the roof accompanied by vigorous flapping of the patio curtains and palm trees.

I sprang from my bed to check things out and was amazed to see the street in front of my house turned into a swiftly-flowing streamlet, water sluicing along in search of a storm drain. The street wasn't just wet, it was covered with water.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house the patio was awash with water. A small rapids had formed at the gate, the only place for the water to go.

View from my patio
NOAA: 24-hr precipitation, ending 8am PDT Jul 20, 2008.

NOAA reports .81 inch of rain for the past 24-hours in Palm Springs. Mind you, that is 4-times the average rain for the entire month of July! (They don't call it the desert for nothing, you know!)

Average precipitation
Average rainfall by month

I'm glad that's taken care of! Maybe some of the schmutz that's been in the air lately will be cleared away. My sinuses would appreciate it.

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