Extravagance, encore

| Oh my, sometimes we outdo ourselves. Sunday was another brunch chez moi, and, as usual, it was pot luck. The pot was very lucky indeed!

brunch plate
Brunch plate
baked eggs
Baked eggs
Stuffed portobello

We don't really plan these meals; they just happen. Some like to cook; others are more comfortable bringing something store-bought. It doesn't matter — from each according to his talents. At most there's a casual check to make sure we don't end up with five eggy things, for example. And in the end there's a scrumptious buffet that makes the mouth water.

Le menu

Bloody Marys by the pitcher
Mix all ingredients and blend well. Chill. Pour over ice and garnish lavishly. Repeat last step as often as necessary, or until the pitcher is empty, whichever comes first. (Paul) recipe
Baked eggs
What's not to like about an egg, especially if it sits on a bed of chopped tomatoes, bathed in heavy cream, and baked in a liberally buttered ramekin? (Bob) recipe
Stuffed portobellos
Fire up the barbecue and grill big portobello mushroom caps brushed with oil. Flip them over and fill with a mixture of sausage, spinach, and cheese topped with tomato slices and more cheese. (Paul) recipe
Sausages and bacon
No brunch would be complete without these tasty morsels from the pig. (Ken)
Potatoes en casserole
Just like Réal's mama used to make (Réal)
A veritable ambrosia of yogurt, whipped topping, and miniature marshmallows (Rick)
Mixed fruits
Toss with a splash — or two or three — of Cointreau (Réal, Phil)
Chock full of blueberries and other healthy stuff (Phil)
Pour and pour more. (Everybody)

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