Cowboy up!

| On Saturday, Réal and I went to the LA rodeo, which wasn't in LA at all but way out in Ventura county, almost to Oxnard.

It was a beautiful site, actually, at the base of some coastal mountains, but there were drawbacks, apart from being sooooo far away. It was across the highway from a fussy gated community that imposed all sorts of unreasonable restrictions on the event, not wanting their little corner of the Golden State to be tarnished or disturbed in any way. Thus, there was no music, no dancing (gasp! they might hear it across the highway and through the park!) and an absurd Chinese fire drill about alcohol: Not only did you have to show your ID to get a wristband, they had to scan it and check it against the DMV database; then after affixing the wristband, they made a fetish of marking it to detect tampering. Good grief!


The biggest drawback, however, was the heat. It was over 100°F when we arrived at 10:30am, and it only got hotter as the day went on. It was so hot, indeed, that I came close to suffering heat prostration, but didn't thanks to the ministrations of Réal who plied me with water and TLC.

Logo was there with the Sordid Lives, the series, Airstream trailer and several cast members promoting the upcoming premier of the show. The first episode airs July 23 at 10pm. Watch it!

As for the rodeo itself, it consisted of the usual events, including the ever-popular goat dressing. The goats, however, had a somewhat different opinion, as these nanny goats belly-ached the whole time.

Sordid Lives meet and greet
(L-R) Bonnie Bedelia, Ann Walker, Beth Grant
goat dressing
Goat dressing - that's Michael and Javier on the far side struggling to get their goat jockeyed up
goat dressing
Goat dressing - the indignity!
There was only one shade tree on the property, and it was a popular place. Réal takes a break in the shade while I recover from near heat prostration
One enterprising spectator came prepared with his own personal misting system.
Bull riding - the usual ending

The surface of the arena seemed unusually slippery, and several horses slipped and fell during the events. Michael said later that although the surface was soft and cushiony it didn't seem very thick and was hard underneath.

Poor Jody suffered an equipment malfunction during the pole bending race and took a nasty fall, fortunately alongside and not under the horse. His horse, spooked by having a saddle hanging off his side, took off for the arena exit at full speed, and finding the gate closed, leaped into the air and crashed through it, sending the gate and several people sprawling. Eventually the horse was caught, and both the horse and Jody were pronounced injury free. But it was very scary at the time.

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