Grand reopening of redecorated Chez Paul

| It's been 3½ months, but the renovations Chez Paul are finally finished! Patty and the Paintbrushes finished up on Thursday afternoon, Réal helped move the furniture back in on Saturday, and on Sunday we held an inaugural brunch in the newly decorated digs.

I was like a little kid, running around hanging up pictures as soon as a wall dried, just to savor "the look." Miraculously the new paint made the old kitchen cabinets and old wall paper take on new life. Of course, Don the color consultant would say it was no miracle!

Patty tackles the trim around the clerestory windows
Patty tackles the trim around the clerestory windows
Chris gives the pantry hinges and handle a little TLC
Chris gives the hinges and handle on the pantry door a little TLC
Rolling on the harvest time in the den
Rolling the 'harvest time' onto the office walls


On Sunday the usual suspects arrived for brunch and their first glimpse of all the new decor. "Ooooh, I love the colors!" said Bob. "The tile is just great!" gushed Phil. "I'm not so sure about that orange in the den," ventured Ken. "It's not orange, it's harvest time, and besides, I love it and that's what counts," I rejoined.

Brunch was pot luck, and the pot was very lucky and tasty indeed. As usual, there was enough to serve at least a dozen people.

The brunch buffet
food picture
"This is a food picture, not a people picture," directed Ken
people picture
"This is the people picture," said Ken (L-R: Paul, Réal, Phil, Bob)
not saying grace
No, we were not saying grace; we were trying to remember how to do "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors, and see all the people"


Take the slideshow tour to see pictures of the new and improved Chez Paul.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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