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The storm before the calm

| As promised, Patty and the paintbrushes showed up yesterday to begin prepping the house for its confrontation with color! They — Patty, son Chris, and a helper — quickly took control and began creating the Shroud of Chez Paul.

They covered and wrapped everything. That's everything, as in absolutely everything!

Every inch of the floor was covered with painter's drop cloths. And get this — they taped the edges of the drop cloths!

Every object and surface that was not to receive paint was wrapped in plastic. I was lucky to avoid being swaddled myself.

Patty the painter
living room
Shroud of Chez Paul
paint rollers
This looks pretty serious

Then they began sanding and filling and otherwise dealing with any imperfections that might flaw the final product.

Meanwhile, I busied myself in the kitchen cleaning the section of cabinets that I had raised up to open the area above the serving counter. (This was one of the suggestions of Don the color maven.) After giving it a good scrub I lined all the shelves with that rubbery shelf-lining stuff. I had hoped to do this quickly enough to be able to put all the crockery and glassware back from its temporary piles on the dining table. Fat chance. The table was completely shrouded.

About this time I heard my phone ringing. Only thing was, I couldn't find it! It was discovered below the table, hiding behind the vacuum cleaner.

Today they are going to spray the ceilings, so I'm hanging out at Koffi. I just don't look good in white.


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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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