motley crew
The motley crew: (L-R) Bob, Rick, Réal

Summer league begins

| The summer Fun Handicap League started Monday night, and a reconstituted, renamed Brunch Bunch will compete for fame and glory — well, for fun at least. Réal has rejoined after a long hiatus, and Ken has gone on sabbatical for the summer, replaced by Rick. With Bob and Myself making up the foursome, we've dubbed ourselves the CCBC Four Play. CCBC because they're our sponsors; four because that's the magic number, and play because that's what it's all about. And taken as a whole, CCBC Four Play lends itself to wonderful double-entendres.

Last night the team we were playing was short one player and the fourth was absent. So, being at full strength, we whupped 'em good. Of course, when they calculate handicaps, we may well lose all the games, but what the heck — it sure felt good at the time.

Real with 3 strikes
Réal celebrating his turkey — prematurely as it turned out
Real with 5 strikes
Five in a row! Fantastic!

Réal was the star of the night. In his first frame of the night, he knocked down a total of three — that's right, three (3) — pins. By the end of the third game, however, he had found his mark and rolled five consecutive strikes!

As a bowler, Rick gets high style marks: when he releases the ball, his trailing foot rises gracefully behind him, toe pointed balletically. Perhaps he practices at the barre.

There are twenty-eight teams this summer. When the standings come out this week we could be in first place, but I'll be satisfied if it's just not 28th place!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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