Oh my!

| When I decided to tile the floors, that was the full scope of the project: remove carpets, lay tile, done.

Well, not quite. As the tile finally neared completion, I began to look around and saw that the walls were beginning to show their age. New baseboards would be required anyway, I reasoned, so perhaps I should just "freshen up" the paint.

If you've looked at the pictures taken in my house, you know that everything, everywhere, is white. That's because when it comes to color selection I am absolutely paralyzed. Over the years I've brought home enough paint chips to cover the walls with paint chips, but in the end I can never decide. Apart from the fact that there are millions of colors, the paint on the wall never turns out to look like the color on the chip. Anything else I can decide — dispassionately, logically, efficiently. But color, not so much.

During the bowling season, I found out that Patty (of Patty and the Pikups) is a painter by profession, so I asked if she would be interested in painting my house. Of course she would! I asked if she was good at picking colors as well as putting them on the wall. No, but she knew someone who was.

Enter Don, of Colors Plus. He would hold my hand and counsel me past my paralysis. No more "refrigerator white" as Patty called my house when she came to estimate. So Don arrived with his deck of paint chips and began shuffling them and holding various ones up to objects in the room. How about this? Or this?

Sure Don, whatever you say. You're here because I am incapable of making color decisions.

As we progressed from room to room it all seemed very reasonable. And he did have some good suggestions about other things besides color. Fine. Done. Let there be color.

A couple of days later Don sent the finalized painting specs to me and Patty. There are 16 diffent colors! How did this happen? What have I done? To be fair, he included colors for rooms that I am not going to paint right now (basically my bedroom and bathroom). And he included a color for the inside of the front patio wall because, he said, white "stopped the eye" from following and appreciating the view in the distance. (I had not previously experienced this difficulty.)

Then there are the names of the colors. If there are millions of colors, they need names, right? If someone says they are painting the wall blue, you know what that means, generally. Granted there are lots of different shades of blue, but blue we know from red. But what color is "caribou herd" or "crossroads"?

Patty and the paintbrushes come tomorrow morning to start work. It's going to be interesting!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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